SEIC 2024: Highlights

Post Event Article:

Session Wise Articles:
1) Sweet Perspective: Navigating Dynamics in the Global Sugar Market
2) Investing in the Future of Ethanol & Sugar
3) Sustainable Synergy: Value Maximisation in the Sugar & Ethanol Industry
4) Outlook on Indian Sugarcane Crop: 2024 and beyond
5) Forecast Export or Import 2025: Domestic Stocks Scenario (Has India broken cyclicality?)
6) Chini: Tezi yaa Mandi..? Exploring Dynamics and Trends in Domestic Sugar Trade
7) Can India Achieve 20% Ethanol Blending Target by 2025: Challenges & Opportunities

Conference Presentations:
1) Keynote Address by Shri Prakash Naiknavare, M.D., National Federation of Cooperative Sugar Factories Limited
2) Opening Remarks on S&D Classroom by Mr. Claudiu Covrig, Founder & Senior Analyst, CovrigAnalytics, Switzerland
3) Presentation on Indian Ethanol Scenario by Mr. Abinash Verma – Ethanol expert, Public Policy Expert, Former Bureaucrat, Former DG – ISMA, Promoter – Grain Based Ethanol Plant
4) Presentation on Harvesting Technology by Mr. Karamyog Singh – DGM, Mahindra & Mahindra
5) Presentation on Indian Crop & Balance sheet by Mr. Rahil Shaikh – MD, MEIR Commodities
6) Presentation on Sugar Sale Process Digitally by Mr. Hemant Shah – Co-Founder & Dy. CEO,
7) Presentation on Investing in the Future of Sugar and Ethanol by Mr. M Prabhakar Rao – President, ISMA
8) Presentation on Port Management by Mr. Devki Nandan – Business Development Head, JSW Jaigarh Port Ltd
9) Presentation on: Is Ethanol Still a Game Changer for the Sugar Industry? by Mr. Vijendra Singh – Executive Director & Dy. CEO, Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd.
10) Corporate Presentation by KBK Chem-Engineering Pvt. Ltd by Mr. Himanshu Gupta, Sr. General manager, KBK Chem-Engineering Pvt. Ltd

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  1. Chini Mandi is a good Organisation to our favorites people’s are meeting function then through out the world establishment of gain the knowledge.Sugar, Ethanol, Power etc…l like to Chini Mandi.
    Thank you so much.


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