Sugar mills will be held co-accused for accidents by heavy vehicles


Kolhapur: Accident of sugarcane loaded vehicles is on the rise; therefore, traffic police is taking all measures to low dow the number of accidents. According to the media reports, now, sugar mills will be held co-accused in case of accidents resulting from an absence of reflective tape on heavy vehicles carrying sugar cane.

The Road and Transport Office (RTO) has issued directives to the sugar mills to ensure that the cane carrying vehicles are equipped with reflectors. Reflective tapes are essential to identify vehicles during foggy nights as many cane carrying vehicles operate during night time.

RTO has already launched a campaign to spread awareness among sugar mills about the necessity of the reflective tapes that help in avoiding accidents.

Speaking to a leading news website, Steven Alvares, Regional Transport Officer, Kolhapur said, “The sugar mill will be considered co-accused in case of the accident due to the absence of reflective tape. As per the motor vehicle act, police will file cases against farmers and cane transporters if found without reflector stickers”.

“We had organised an awareness camp at Rajaram sugar mill and Jawahar sugar mill to increase the awareness about the same,” he further added.

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