Sugarcane crushing season begins in Barbados


The sugarcane operations begin in the country last week. The harvesting activities and grinding activities can be seen in the fields in the region.
Marlon Munroe, deputy operations manager, Portvale Sugar Factory said that it was expected that grinding would commence before the end of the first week and will be completed by the second week of June 2021.”

Indar Weir, Minister of Agriculture and Food Secretary said, “Despite the pandemic, Barbados managed to garner the highest yield this year. Last year we produced 90,000 tonnes and this year we are expecting to produce 107,000 tonnes.”

“The molasses production will increase from 5,000 tonnes to 13,000 tonnes to help the rum industry. We are happy to share that our yields have increased by 17.84 per acre due to favourable rainfall this season. Everything is running as per our plans,” he said.



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