Villagers threaten to agitate against Sabitgarh Sugar mill

Bulandshahar: Villages located in the jurisdiction of Sabitgarh Sugar mill are facing severe problems due to pollution. Local villagers allege pollution caused by mill residues are making it difficult for people to live. The ash coming out of the chimney of the mill has increased air pollution resulting in people suffering from different diseases.

On Sunday, dozens of people from Sabitgarh, and other villages staged a demonstration against the sugar mill management. They warned of protest if an issue does not get resolved soon.

Taking steps to control the pollution, private sugar mills from Uttar Pradesh have invested Rs 600 crore in the last two years. According to the Uttar Pradesh Sugar Mill Association (UPSMA), they are ready to spend more if needed and ready to work in collaboration with Pollution Control Boards at Centre and State level.

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