Non-profit organisation raises Rs 75 lakh to help sugarcane workers and their families


Mumbai: Due to Coronavirus many poor families are affected across India, and many organisations are coming forward to help them.

Navchetana Sarvangin Vikas Kendra (NSVK), a non-profit organisation, run by around 300 women from a rural part of Beed district in Maharashtra has raised Rs 75 lakh to help the families of sugarcane workers during lockdown period.

The organisation works for the betterment of women from Dalit communities, nomadic and de-notified tribes, landless labourers, abandoned women and migrant sugarcane harvesters and their families.

The organisation run by women has so far reached out to 7000 families across 300 villages as a part of their relief programme.

Manisha Ghule, founder of the organisation said, “Thousands of cane cutters reached home this year during lockdown period but were ostracised by villagers fearing that they might have contacted the disease. We came forward and decided to provide ration, medical hygiene needs to the families that are in need.”

The organisation is planning to raise funds through crowd-funding to reach out to another 3,000 families in Beed district.


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