Request to extend monthly sugar sale quota of May 2020


Delhi: Indian Sugar Mills Association (ISMA) has urged the Centre for extension of monthly sugar sale quota of May 2020 to June 10 as the lower demand of the sugar in the market has hampered the sale quota of the mills.

In a letter written to the Joint Secretary (Sugar), Department of Food and Public Distribution (DFPD), Abhinash Verma, Director General, ISMA said, “The sugar sale in the month of May has not yet normalised as the restaurants, malls theatres and factories are not yet fully opened. The sugar mills in Southern and Western part of the country, especially, Maharashtra and Karnataka, have reported that their sugar sales have been below the quota given to them in May 2020. The return of migrant workers, including the drivers, has impacted their sales and despatches. However, the sugar mills in the Northern part of the country are reporting better sales, and most of them have been able to sell their May 2020 quota.”

The industry body said in a letter, “In a committee meeting of ISMA on Tuesday, the issue of extension of monthly sale quota of May 2020, to allow sugar mills to sell their unsold quota in June 2020, was discussed and the general consensus was that with some relaxations in the lockdown, sugar sales have improved in May as compared to April 2020. But with the lockdown continuing, the sugar mills mostly in the West and South India have not been able to sell as per their quota.

“In view of exceptional circumstances, an extension of monthly quota of May 2020 be given for 10 days i.e. till 10th June 2020” the letter further stated.

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