Sugar mills conclude crushing season in Maharashtra; sugar production at 60.98 lakh tonnes


The crushing season is in the last phase in India. Many major sugar-producing states, except Uttar Pradesh, have concluded the season. Mills in Maharashtra too have ended the sugarcane crushing.

In Maharashtra, crushing season has concluded and the mills of the State have produced 60.98 lakh tonnes of sugar, which is about 46.2 lakh tonnes less as compared to 107.20 lakh tonnes produced in 2018-19 Sugar Season.

Coronavirus has put sugar industry in the grim situation but despite this, mills were continuously engaged in sugarcane crushing to ensure cane growers does not suffer loss. In the current sugar season, 146 mills participated in cane crushing.

The main reason behind the low sugar production this season in Maharashtra is flood and drought.

Speaking about India’ s sugar production, then sugar mills across the country have produced 268.21 lakh tonnes of sugar between 1st October 2019 and 31st May 2020.

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