Bihar: Jobless migrant workers seek revival of sugar mills


Patna: The migrant workers that were stuck due to lockdown in other parts of the country have returned to their native state Bihar, without a job. Workers have demanded the state government to revive the defunct sugar mills that can provide them with a job opportunity. The revival of sugar mills will help them to stay here and work and not to migrate to other states in search of the job, they said.

The state government is generating jobs for the migrants through the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act. But it is difficult to provide jobs to thousands of migrants that have returned home.

A labourer from Sitamarhi said, “We returned to our village and are searching for jobs. Some of us are planning to sell vegetables here. We want the government to start the closed sugar mill in Sitamarhi so that we can get jobs there and will not have to leave the state in search of a job.”

According to the Times Of India, Industries minister Shyam Rajak claimed that the government was making a database of all the migrants. “The data are being made available to the industrial units in Bihar which have started operating amid the lockdown. We have, however, not yet taken a decision regarding the revival of old factories or mills. We are focusing on food processing units and trying to promote the production of ‘makhana’ and honey.”

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